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Km Solidário

Physical Activities with Social Impact

Our mission is to fight sedentarism and amplify social good practices through an app and actions that connect people who practice physical activities with projects and companies that intend to contribute to the reduction of existing social and economic inequalities in Brazil.

We also believe that donating is good for both the donor and to the recipient of the donation (it is scientifically proven that there is a cause-effect relationship between the donation act and mental health) and, through Km Solidario, we present a new way for donating, using kilometers of physical activities to transform and impact lives.

Come with us and start doing good for you and for the world!

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Our Team

André Kok | Km Solidário

André Kok

Saulo Marchi | Km Solidário

Saulo Marchi

Patricia Oliveira | Km Solidário

Patricia Oliveira


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Impact the world giving your best!

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